Hi, I’m Vince and that is a silly photo of me

on assignment at Burning Man.


As a newspaper photographer, you are asked to tell a story

through compelling photographs anywhere, anytime and

under any circumstances. That's the challenge I love about

being a photojournalist and that experience along with a

love of storytelling is what I try to bring to my corporate,

commercial, portrait and wedding work.


I’m not a cookie cutter wedding photography studio, I’m not

your typical wedding photographer, but I am a photographer

that takes really fantastic images. I know how crucial it is to

capture your wedding day and that there are no do-overs.

The images on this website represent everything that has made

me feel something on a wedding day, portrait or engagement

session. If they make you feel something, there is a good chance

we will work well together.


If you like my work and are ready to have me photograph

your special day, then give me a call right this second!

You'll be happy you did!


Vincent Alonzo

304 532 3011



photo credit: Andy Barron